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With Pooeater - by Cez

1 Yo Pooeater, how ya going? tell us about what your doing with the noise'

Well at the moment Scatocalypse is going through a bit of a change. we are putting more time into writing songs so it will be better live and feel more like a real band rather than two fuck heads messing about

2 Nothing wrong with two fuck heads messing about! for those that have never heard of Scatocalypse, what have you done in the past? Any releases worth checking out?

There isn't many releases so I would say all of them haha. The two best releases are the "bunch of cunts 4 way split" and the first album "Laparoscopic Rectopexy". There will be a compilation album out hopefully some time this year that will have all 3 eps, the tracks from the split, a few of the best songs from the album and some unreleased tracks that will be going for cheap so you can check that out for a taste of all of them

3 Both of which I have! Not a bad collection really. What kind of person will enjoy your noise? If a person is reading this and trying to decide if they should go find your shit, what would you say to encourage them to go google you?

I guess the kind of people that would like it are people who are up for a laugh and have an interest in extreme music. And to encourage people to look us up I would say if you like poo, girls covered in/making some poo, noise, getting wrecked out of your face, and partying your tits off then come and have a listen to your new favorite band haha.

4 Other than yourself, what's good in your local scene? Any good Dubstep bands?

Merciless Precision and Amputated are some of the best from our local scene as far as the bigger bands go but there are a few smaller bands that are pretty good. I'm gunna have to go with Bum Sick being the best and of a close style to Scatocalypse and also Bumilingus. As far as dubsteb I'm not aware of any bands or artists around the south west. Shame.

5 What do you make of the UK scene at the moment?

To be honest I haven't paid much attention to where bands are from recently. All I've been looking for is ridiculous blast beats and stupid massive slams haha. There always seems to be at least a few decent bands floating about.

6 Your sound is like noise / cyber, not many projects like that coming out of the UK compared to some places, like say Mexico. What's up with that?

I think the UK is pretty shit so I'm not very surprise they don't want to make music that's not gunna make them rich and famous.

7 Since your pulling together a proper band, are you going to go in a more 'metal' direction?

Well we are gunna put lots of slams into the new stuff but its still gunna be mad and have the programed drums and samples in it. Scatocalypse has always had some very metal drum patterns so I don't think the overall sound will change much its just gunna be easy to play live.

8 Lets play snog / marry / avoid. Your choices are Fritzel, Vanessa Feltz, and the cast of Made in Chelsea
Snog Vanessa Feltz because she looks like she would taste of gravy. Marry Fritzel because I wouldn't mind being a kept woman. Avoid the cast of Made in Chelsea because I still possess the ability to see and hear.




Set to rise start us off.. Not sure what to make of this lot. The front guy looks out of place, but he's giving it some! Plenty of energy, and a voice that you don’t expect from his 'look' It fun hard rock and another good start.

Dragonthrone, do that cardinal sin in a battle of the bands. Cover songs. Plus a Metallica cover. I hate Metallica. But that aside, another young group with a sound along the lines of Iron maiden and Metallica. They are having fun up there, if the nerves do show a little. They aint my cup of tea, but they are a good lot.

A higher demise. Well. Another hardcore style group. Not the crusty nasty punk hardcore, that emo breakdowns r' us hardcore. They are a little more rock than other bands doing the hardcore thing, and they have a good energy. They play well and it’s a good set, its just nothing new. Other than the female bass player. Don’t see that too often!

Monumentomb. You know you see a band with loads of merch, custom amp covers.. all the set up, and you think 'yeah these have been around, worked hard to get all set up'? Well, these guys have that stuff, but its only their second gig! Theres been a lot of 'buzz' about them going round lattly, and I can kinda see why. They play some Blasting death type noise. They play it well and tight. But, it’s a bit.. 'meh' I loves me some death metal so maybe I've just heard it all before, these guys are good, but not great, and after all the hype it’s a bit disappointing. Maybe more time on getting the songs to that next level, and less time on making merch would do them well.



Heat 2 starts off with Pressurehead. A band I've seen before, although at that gig, they had 2 of the 4 out due to what ever reasons, so they performed an accoustic set, which I have to say, was awful. So Iwasn't expecting much from tonight.. But I was wrong! Playing some fun grunge rock with smiles on their faces, it may not be 'metal' enough for Bloodstock, but it’s a good start.

Word of nod are an odd bunch. Older than most of the other bands in the contest and very... unique. Their front man is all 'hairy chest out, epic mustache on, mad metal posses go and voice high!' I guess you could call them heavy rock meets power metal? Not really sure.. The front man is a performer for sure, although the audience seem to float away through the set it’s a good one.

Near ruin are a young lot. Possibly the youngest in the contest. Playing generic melodic hardcore its all pretty standard other than the keybored playing irritating 90s ring tone randomly in the tracks. sure they got energy and are having fun up there, but I am not.

Los alcatraz. Another band I've seen before. always calling for everyone to come watch them, never watching the other bands. Want to know what they sound like? the front man is wearing 'Whitechappel' ' Chealsea grin' and ' Carnifex' logos. says it all really. Everything is by the numbers, the music, tone, body language and posturing. Its hardcore. Plain, boring and simple. Yawn.



Bloodstock battle of the bands in Kent kicks off at last! Running through March and April, with the semi final and final in May and bringing out some of the best in local unsigned bands, giving them the chance to play the legendary bloodstock festival!

Kicking of events is Abyss. A hard rock / grunge type group. At first, the whole thing was very … dull. Band members standing like cardboard, vocals forced and fake sounding. But, after 2 / 3 tracks, the boys started to relax and things started to get better! I imagine the weak start was down to nerves, but I'll be catching them in about a month so we shall see!

Next up is Mantora, filling in for some band who I don’t remember who dropped out.. Now, this is more like it! These boys don’t fuck about, getting stuck in straight away with their heavy / hardcore metal along the lines of Lamb of God with a couple of breakdowns thrown in for good measure, and a front man who spends the whole show on the floor, not one touching the stage.

Vulgate are a band I've heard of a lot, but never heard. I'll admit seeing a guitar without a head on just gets on my tits. They just look... wrong. But they prove they deserve the hype with some pretty in your face blackened metal. Its pretty much by the numbers, and the guys are a bit static on the stage, but the crowd love it and the musicianship is just spot on.. Which may explain why they won the vote on the night!

Last up is Hunter/Killer. Silly name if you ask me, since if you try to find them on line you just get US navy ships or rockets, but anyway. Not sure what these boys are about. The whole thing was very dull and strained. I hear their guitarist has only just joined and it shows, stood motionless in the corner in his smart shirt and tidy hair, while the others are all scruffy dress and hair down to their arse. During the set they play 2 covers (not a good move at a battle of the bands lads) and admit that the previous bands have made them realise they have a long way to go. They ain't wrong, but respect due to them for admitting it.



So, after 4 years, local death grind due Victim Identified are making a come back. Since I have in the past taken a photo of the front mans cock, I thought I should drop by...

First up is Greg(o)rian. Doom drone trio from London / Essex way. After seeing them in 2013 I was looking forward to their set, and had dragged down a bunch of mates to see them, and we was not disappointed! Performing a much more 'in your face' and aggressive set than last time, with a few joking about 'br000tlzz' poses for laughs, these boys hold the audience and churn stomachs with their low end doom.

Skarthia have the novelty of having a girl in the band, and during the first track they have her doing backing vocal. Bad move. She just does not have the power behind her voice to fit the rest of the band, and I nearly give up. But I stuck around and glad I did! They spend their set smashing through some super fast heavy metal, loud chunky and in your face bruv!

Cursed as angels, I missed these chaps.. my bad..

Victim Identified... So 4 years since their last shows, they are back. No new songs, no rehearsals.. no new members.. So what's different? The drum track. There is bass with the pre recorded drums, and the boys have gained some weight. The joy of getting old I guess.

After 4 years, it was like going back to the old days. The set and performance was just as it used to be.. But its not all the same. Back in the day these lads used to pull a pretty big crowd, and with this being a come back show for local(ish) lads, you would think that there would be a big crowd for them, but no. Not really. There seemed to be more people sitting outside smoking and chatting than in the venue. Sadly this is the norm at the Ivy these days. Bad times. A decent set, a disappointing turn out.

Head liners tonight are Infected dead, another popular local troop who play some decent heavy death trash type noise. I think. I didn’t stick about to catch them on this night, since I was turtle heading and ain't no way in hell I'm doing a crap at the Ivy!

A good night. A fair few people about, just a shame most people spent most of the night out in the garden.

lundi 17 mars 2014

Al Goregrind - Reign Of The Darkside EP


Don’t focus on the band name, AL GOREGRIND doesn’t play goregrind at all. It’s brutal death, and well produced brutal death. The only goregrind part is on some pig squeals. This 5 tracks EP is a bit short, but what an amazing impress. It could compete with the most known bands such as Aborted or Suffocation. We need something more substantial next time, you’re on the good way. 

Brutal Death

Grindelite 3000 - It Get Worse Everyday EP


Fast and brutal grindcore in your face !!! But there is something strange, it seem too polished, it’s a really cold production for grindcore. It’s doesn’t really affect the structures or the brutality, but it’s more difficult to get in. A good point for the German singing, in the vein of “Barney” Greenway from Napalm Death. 6 songs EP that need to infect you and your world. GRINDELITE 3000 is maybe the next big grindcore band. 


Ashes Of Rebirth - S/T Demo

ASHES OF REBIRTH – S/T – DEMO - by Tristan

If you need a daily dose of deathcore to feel good, just check ASHES OF REBIRTH. Nothing new, no revolution in deathcore style, but this is a well-executed deathcore with djent touch. Syncopated structures, low pitched screams, heavy riffing, you are obliged to bang your head while listen to this. Well produced demo. This band has a good potential but need maybe more maturity to grow up in an oversaturated scene. 


Osiah (Decembre 2013)

With Ricky - By Tristan

1-Hi Ricky, present us Osiah, your one man deathcore band.

Osiah is pretty much heavily inspired by memories of when I first witnessed deathcore, and from when I first started performing in the local scene, Osiah is old school deathcore, in the way I remember it, with a modern twist.

2-Why did you choose on being solo in this project ? 

A solo project was not my intentions at the beginning, Osiah was formed as a live band, however, with other band commitments, Osiah unfortunately had to be put on hold, fan response was the reason it continued as a solo project, people wanted more music, so I kept at it. 

3-How do you choose your live members ?

I've been in plenty of bands in the past, and I know the guys that can pull of the music  I write and the guys I can trust, its easy. The hardest part has always been able to find a drummer who can play the music I write.

4-Have you already played outside the UK ?

Not at the moment, but I have huge ambitions to. I especially want to play Australia!

5-What are the bands that influence you, and in a general way, the metal styles that you prefer ? 

Whitechapel, Suicide Silence and The Partisan Turbine were my favorite heavy bands, they still are huge influences in my song writing today. In terms of metal, I'm very varied, I love simple heavy stuff like Emmure or old Chelsea Grin but at the same time, I love tech and 'djent,'in Osiah compositions I try to strike a balance between both heavy and interesting.

6-If you had the opportunity, with which band or artist do you want to collaborate ?

Big Chocolate, man, his vocals, I'd love to write some horrible slam and have him throw his insane gutturals on it.

7-Reborn Through Hate is available for free via your Facebook page. Do you plan to write another EP or a full length in the future?

I'm already in the recording stages of a new EP, or if enough material is recorded, perhaps a debut album. I'm constantly writing, so expect new music soon.

8-A last word to our readers ? 

I want to make a point to say thank you to the fans/friends of Osiah, they are so passionate and I've had some incredible support over the year from the most unlikely of places, so thank you. Huge things are planned, so I hope not to disappoint, see you guys on the road!

United Kingdom



Purulent Necropsys (Decembre 2013)

By Tristan

1-Purulent Necropsys is a brutal death metal act from Seville. Present us the band and his origin.

Hello there, Purulent Necropsys starts in Seville around 2004, due to the frequent changes in the band's fomation it wasn't until the year 2009 when the band became a more serious thing. At the beginning, our music has a thrash metal basis and more like a death style. However, as there have been many different band members coming and going, our sound has gone in a more extreme direction, influenced by genres such as brutal death and grindcore. Our band is formed by: Moro: Bass and vocals. Migue: Guitar and vocals. Juan: Drums. Adri: Guitar.

2-The EP, The Chainsaw Memories, released on October 2013 is a fucking good offering. It’s a modern death piece but with some old school touches. What’s your favorite style, modern or old school ? 

Our music drinks directly from the same old bands, so it could be characterised by a more old school style, though we are not closed to new sounds and styles that we may like as they come out. We are not such a purist band, in that sense.

3-The visual is simple but effective. Chainsaws, it’s a love story or are you some kind of loggers ? 

Our main goal was to pay a little homage to the horror movies of the 70's and the 80's and, our friend Oscar, from Art Dystopia caught the idea really quicly, creating an awesome art work. For this work, we wanted to have an appealing cover, as brutal as possible, avoiding this new trend of explicit covers and try to be more subtle.

4-Are you working on new stuff ? Do you plan another EP or Full length ?

Right now, we got a couple of new themes that we are working on, apart from Adri's 
incorporation as our new guitarist. We are also organising the recording of our first video clip. The EP just came out and we are focused on its promotion, that's why we are not in a hurry to come back to the studio.

5-If I had the choice between one of your show, and the one from another Seville band, whatever metal genre it is, how would you persuade me to come to your show ?

The only thing we can tell you is that, if you like extreme metal you are really going to enjoy and have a good time with us. Our concerts are not of the conventional and there is usually some surprise.

6-How the metal scene is Spain is going ? Any good band to advise ?

The scene is pretty rich at the moment in Spain. There are many good bands of different styles in the extreme metal music field. Apart from the bands that have always been there, like Avulsed, Machetazo or Wormed, there are many other bands that are coming out now, like Extirpating the Infected, Kevlar Skin, Velocidad Absurda, Digging your Tomb, Noctem, Thirteen Bled Promises, Forenssick...

7-Have you already played in France ? Do you know some French bands ?

Due to economical and work-related issues, we haven't been able to get out of the 
peninsula. Although we would like to play in France. Gojira, Benighted, Inhumate, Vorkreist, Blockheads, As They Burn, Gorod, Hacride, Rise of the NorthStar, Dagoba, Scarve...

8-The last question, Xbox One or PS4 ?

As we told you before, we are pretty much of an "Old School" band, so we chose the Nintendo NES jejejejeje

Brutal Death

Mutilated Judge (Decembre 2013)

By Tristan

1-Hi guys, Mutilated Judge is a brand new grindcore project, described by yourself as a bassgrind band. Present us the concept of it, and the band members.

Babyrapist and I, Gutscooker, started with the Project last summer. We both play in other local bands, but we wanted to make something more aggressive. We love death metal, grindcore and crust, so we took our basses and started recording catharsis, the first song we made, in his studio. The basses sounded really brutal, and I made the vocals, but we didn’t work so much in the electronic drums, so soon after we asked Crippedjudge to record drums in the next songs. His fast style goes good with the raw sound of two low tuned basses, and we are happy with the result, it’s as dirty and intense as we wanted. We like to call it bassgrind, simple and clear.

2-So it's a brand new band ! Do you have enough stuff to play live, or will you prepare soon something therefore to play show and doing a demo or more ? 

We are working in new material for our first demo, and then we will look for concerts. Mutilated Judge will sound much more brutal live!!

3-How do you get the idea of playing with two basses ? 

It was just by chance, we tried using another bass instead of a guitar and we liked the sound

4 - What are your roots in the grindcore scene and your influences ?

We've been influenciated by death, thrash, black or even doom metal. But in grindcore we like bands like Spasm, Rompeprop, Agathocles, Haemorrage, Putrid Pile... And there are lots of young bands doing it fucking great!!

5- What are the mains subject in your songs ?  

Oh, I'd say it's quiet varied. Rain of Death is about Hiroshima, and N.P.A.D. is just a grindcore song haha! We have more lyrics for the next songs and there's not a main subject, we try to tell 
something and to write it in a brutal way... or not. Anyway we like to work on good lyrics, we think they're basic for making a good song.

6-Do you get other projects apart Mutilated Judge ? 

Yes, we play in other bands, but we prefer not to talk about them.

7- Do you know the french grindcore scene ?

We know some bands like Inhumate, Ultra Vomit or Red Dead. We saw those in August with the russian band Fargon, an awesome concert!

8-The last : Would you like to do grindcore with yukulele instead of double bass ?

Yeaaaahh hahaha it would be like... in your fucking face!!! I love the idea man haha.
So thank you for the interview and for supporting bands like us, it's been a pleasure! Bassgrind motherfuckers!


Neka (Decembre 2013)

With Antonio - by Tristan

1-Hi Antonio. You’re the singer in Neka, an Italian brutal death butcher? Present us the band and your band mates ? 

Hi brother. Neka is a project born in 2010 from an idea of three "out of mind" guys who represent undeground metal scene in Foggia. This project sees Paolo Damato (Rocky Horror Fuckin'Shit) at drums, 
Francesco Rinaldi (Necrotorture, Rocky Horror Fuckin'Shit and Superzoo) at bass, Alessandro Beneventi (Necrotorture, endorser BC Esp Guitar Rich 2003/04 and 2005/07) at guitar and the vocalist Antonio De Rosa (Bestial Carnage, Demonic Laughter).
In 2012 is produced first release entitled Nekyia, an E.P. consisting of 5 new songs (which appears as a guest on Amaterasu's Alex Necrotorture), plus a cover of Necrotorture "Anal Torture."

2-Do you have other bands apart Neka ?

No,at this time I do not have any bands except neka, but probably next year will take up an old project...old school death metal...

3-Your songs are in the vein of Cannibal Corpse (vocals remind me of the kinds of Goerge Fischer) and fast brutal death metal. What bands influence you the most ? 

For many people Neka remember the Cannibal Corpse, and I personally consider myself flattered by this comparison. Indeed, the Cannibal is one of our main influences with the old American death scene....

4-A full length is in the making. When “Collosus” will be out, and what can we expect with this album ? 

Colossus will probably come out in the early months of 2014, our expectation would be to introduce our music not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world .... and maybe play as much as possible and have fun like we always have …

5-How many shows have you played in 2013, and how many are planned in 2014 for the moment ? Have you planned to tour when the album will be ready ? 

In 2013 we played a lot, we have supported Malevolent Creation for two dates in Italy, and then we also played with Italian bands like Necrodeath,Bulldozer,Schizo,Natron and many others ... and even a mini-tour in europe ... Once released our new album, we hope to organize a promotional tour of the Colossus both in Italy and abroad....if it's possible...

6-You have shoot a video for Mudras Gesture. Do you want to make another one for the album ?

Sure! I can anticipate that the next video we do is called Disembowel. one of the Colossus killer song!

7-5 albums that have marked your life 

Mmmmmm only 5 albums?ahahahahah!Well my personal albums are: 
Deicide-Deicide / Malevolent Creation-The Ten Commandments / Suffocation-Effigy of the Forgotten / Carcass-Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious / Cannibal Corpse-Eaten Back to Life

8-Next year will take place in Brazil the FIFA World Cup, so between us, Italy Vs. France or not ? 

We hope to end up like in 2006 ..... ahahahahahahahah!

Death / Brutal Death

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mardi 11 mars 2014

Azoah - S/T EP (2014)

AZOAH - S/T EP (2014) - par Tristan

AZOAH s’emploie à nous livrer un metal fusion très travaillé. Avec cet EP, c'est une bouffée d'air frais dans un paysage metal bien souvent orienté brutalité. Pourquoi metal fusion, car on y retrouve des codes du metal traditionnel, grosses guitares, batterie qui envoi du bois, mais aussi des mélodies aérées et un chant en français, hurlé et parlée façon hip-hop. L'ambiance est sombre, et les textes nécessitent plusieurs écoutes afin d'en capter l'essence. On ressent également un brin d'humour, il suffit de regarder les titres des morceaux. Il ne faut cependant pas penser que les chansons sont humoristiques, comme dit précédemment, il faut comprendre les textes. La scène metal française à encore de beaux jours devant elle avec des formations comme celle-ci. Pour ceux qui sont ouverts d'esprit écoutez le, pour les autres écoutez le aussi =).


Katalepsy (Decembre 2013)

With Anatoly - by Tristan 

1 - Hi Anatoly. I think there is no need to introduce Katalepsy. Since 2003, the band has released two full-length. But Musick Brings Injuries was more in a slam style than Autopsychosis that is, for me, a death album with brutal touch. 

Hi everyone! Anatoly is here! I’m the bass player of KATALEPSY.I think this is a logical EVILution when band growing up and doesn’t want to copy itself. We have recorded one slam album plus EP and that’s enough – this is boring to do this one more. Right now we’re working with new songs for the third album and they are not looking like song from AUTOPSYCHOSIS.

2 - Is the next release will be in the same style or with more slam?

It’s difficult to me to describe our songs – and old and new ones. We don’t think like “Today we’ll play some slam!” or “Let’s play heavy metal – where my sword is?” We just play what we like; this is our feelings and emotions. Yes, we are emo-guys ;-) But I can tell you only one thing, for sure – new songs are full of grooves, rhythms and aggression and you won’t be able to stay frozen while listening to it. If you like our music you won’t be disappointed.

3 - I think the tour with Iniquity is important for you. How this happened and how it's going?

Oh, man, this tour was canceled for us due some problems with UK visas. It’s very sad, because it was our dream to play in England. Organizers and we did all we could and even more, spend a lot of money, time and strength, brought tons of documents, but bureaucracy won us. Shit happens, but we don’t lose heart. Glen Benton said 15 years ago: “If you playing extreme kind of music (like death metal is) you must be ready for everything”. And so we are.

4 - What was your most important show (from Iniquity tour or another tour)?

I think MOUNTAINS OF DEATH’08 show was the most important in the history of the band. This was our first show outstand of Russia, everything was new for us. We had a good experience how to play in Russia, but we knew nothing about Europe. We are very much thankful to MOD team for the chance. We played at second (last) day at the end of the line. Both days was raining and when we has begun to play the clouds run away and everybody came out from bars and tents and began hanging over, dancing, slamming, moshing and so on! It was great – a big crowd from musicians from different bands, festival team and death metal fans were on stage and parting with us while we played! 
And of course the show on Brutal Assault this year was great experience for us. Very big stage, a lot of fans and great bands around – we just looking at all of this and couldn’t believe that we are not dreaming. This is unforgettable time for us and one of the best moments in my life!

5 - Which bands influence you and your bandmates?

This is a simple and a difficult question in the same time. We are trying not to copy any band, trying to find out our own way, when you listen to the music and say: “Hey! This sounds like KATALEPSY!” If tell not about influences but about responsibility, as for me I think about SUFFOCATION like about the icon of death metal. This band knows good and bad time, big festivals and small clubs, long tours and times of oblivion. 

6 - I don't know very well the Russian slam brutal death scene. Can you tell me more about it?

Sorry, my friend, I don’t know anything about it too! There are few good brutal death bands here, but slam bands only copied DEVOURMENT and each other. I like Visceral Disorder – these guys are really kicking ass, but they still haven’t released their debut album. 
The main problems in Russia are long distances between cities and expensive tickets for trains and airplanes. There are no metal clubs to play. There is no competition between bands, so it’s difficult to grow up, and even you play good stuff it’s difficult to find place to play and make a tour. But maybe all these things make us stronger.

7 - Are into other metal genre? Or none metal genre? And does it inspire you? 

You know, we are kind of melomaniacs and listen to absolutely different kind of heavy (and not so heavy) music and for sure you can find the influences in KATALEPSY songs. That is really interesting to mix different influences to achieve the main goal. That is why we are in death metal - most flexible and innovative genre of music in general.

8 - In Musick Brings Injuries, I had a poster showing Katalepsy around a half buried woman. Is it an after show tradition or are you into Russian mafia?

You must know the truth about this album – not only poster, even compact disk consists a part of dead woman! You know, that obvious things are hidden better, then secret places. So, we selling evidences all over the world, and nobody can catch us!
Of course all of us involve in crime – but, please, do not tell anybody about it! Or I’ll send my bear to you and he will drink nuclear vodka with you till death!

Cerebral Incubation

With Mark - By Tristan 

1 – Hi, can you present us Cerebral Incubation and the members of the band ? 

Cerebral is Mark Candelas on Guitar, Ricky Nunez on Drums, Andrew LoMastro on Vocals and Ben Martinez on Bass.

2 – Cerebral Incubation have released 2 albums for now, Asphyxiationg On Excrement and Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication. They sound very different, and the visuals are really dissimilar. How do you explain it ?

We wanted to get Mike from Visual Darkness to do the second album as well but he was busy at the time so we decided just to do something simple and focus on the writing more.

3 – What are the main influences of the members ?

Our main influence is carne asada fries and beer.

4 – You're signed on Sevared Records, how and when it has start ? The label came to you or you where asking them to sign you ? 

We were signed to Sevared for the 2 release, we actually messaged Barrett and he was just as down as we were, so we made it happen. The new record will be on a new label. 

5 – Asphyxiating On Excrement will be release in vinyl format. Is it an important format for you ? 

Definitely! Most of us are collectors of Vinyl Records so it is pretty exciting.

6 – How many shows since the begining of the band ? How many countries ? Do you planned to come to France a day ? 

No idea how many we have played but there is a lot, We have been only to Germany but we have some more Europe dates planned for 2014. France included.

7 – Some good bands to advise us ? 

A few we like are Gorevent, Incinerate, Splattered, Parasitic Ejaculation, Gutrot, Guttural Secrete and Euphegenia.

8 – A last word ? 
Keep an eye out for some new tunes off the upcoming release!

My Answer - Rain EP (2013)

MY ANSWER – RAIN (EP) – 2013 - par Tristan

La scène nantaise est vraiment très productive. MY ANSWER nous propose leur deuxième EP. 7 titres de metalcore sombre et parfois mélodique, tout en puissance, avec des structures efficaces. On est obligé de remuer de la première note jusqu'à la dernière. Le chant hurlé et plus posé à certains moments ajoute de la tension à l'ensemble, pour un rendu écorché vif. L'ambiance est très torturée et les mélodies permettent de ressentir une touche d’espoir dans cette esprit affolé. Bah oui, la pluie c'est froid, mais la elle est entrecoupée de rayons de soleil. Un EP sacrément efficace, tellement qu'on le met en top du zine. Continuez comme ça les gars.  


samedi 8 mars 2014

Amongst The Deceit

With Johann - by Tristan 

1- I discovered Amongst The Deceit by buying your album, Tribulations Of Man, by chance. It was a good dicovery. Johann, you play guitar in the band, can you present us the band and the other members. 

The Austrian Death Metal Entity AMONGST THE DECEIT was formed in Salzburg/Austria in 2008. The two founding members and guitarists Steve and me originated from bands with quite different styles.
Shortly after writing some material, Martyn (Bass) and Thorn (Vocals) joined the band. Soon it was clear that the music had to be a mixture of all kinds of extreme metal played with the utmost care and passion, a combination of sick blast beats and double bass madness, devastating death/black riffs, technical abilty and melodic solos.
Things seemed to go well except the not yet occupied position behind the drum kit. After a hard and unsuccessful search for a blast machine the band decided to write their material first before engaging a pro drummer for the job. As it would later turn out it had been the right decision.
With Tom „Sic“ Urbanek behind the kit the band was ready to enter the "" studios in Oberalm, Austria to finally record their debut album called "Tribulations of Man“.

2-You say you come from bands of different styles but does it influence Amongst The Deceit ? And so what are the influences in the band ? 

It influenced us when we were starting up with the Band. The influences we take are everywhere in nowadays live! Just watch all that sikk stuff happening around us!

3-Tribulations Of Man was released by Show No Mercy Records in 2011. How the collaboration is going ? Do you have new material for now ? Do you have planned a new release soon ? 

It worked out well With Sho No Mercy Records for us.Right now we are working on new Song´s, and presumably we will hit the Mischmaschine Studio´s next summer, to release our next eargasmic blastpemmies!! 

4- Nice ! By taking time to write songs, it will be great in my opinion. What do you think about the international metal scene, mainstream and underground ? And what do you think about the bands that release an album every years or so ? Creativity or money ? 

Hell yeah! it´s about time! We get a lot of positive feedback from around the world! So i guess it´s connected pretty well .If band´s are able to release every fukking year a album , they should do so. We´d rather be waiting and trying to get the most out of our musick, and that takes its time! And of course money is a big factor! Just take a look at the recording fees and all the promotional stuff you have to take care about when recording and releasing an album! 10 000 € is nothing!! And as an underground Band, you won´t be able to get back the money you´ve spent! Even the "Big" Band´s have a hard time to cover their expenses!- Just take a look at Aeon, where the Guitarist left the band,- because he can´t afford it any more! And they are huge ! So what i guess is, that no one is doing it for the money! fuckk that! We do it for us und you crazy Basterds out there! Enjoy our musick and live the Brutal Way!!! 

5 - It's a business world for sure. To focus on creativity, what can we expect about the next album ? 

The next album is going to blast Tribulations of Man , - AWAY!!!!It is going to be faster, more brutal, a shit load of solos blast´s and even more unhuman Grunt´s from Thorn!!!We also plan to make a Video! 

6 - So It will be huge ! Something planned to promot it additional to the video ? A tour in Austria or Europe ? 

Butt of fukking Cursed!!! Yep, there are a few parameterisations planed this spring/ summer. Then to hit the studio and get the recording´s done!!! We´ll see what else is cumming,- so if anyone is interrested in booking us, don´t hesitate to hit us up!!!

7- Austrian bands to support by now ? The best you see growing ?

- Our Survival depends on us ( 
- Obscure Anachronism ( 
- Harakiri for the sky ( 
- Progeria Buffet ( 
- Outrage ( 
- Supercharged After Burner ( 
- Extremly violent shitbudhas ( 
- Ghouls come knockin ( 

8 - The last question : would you like to do a cover album with death classic songs played exclusively with banjo ? 


Degial - Death's Striking Wings (2012)

Degial - Death's Striking Wings (2012) - by Hamed

This time you are not going to hear typical down-tuned Swedish Death Metal. Degial's music in this release is like a modern version of two first Morbid Angel albums, which is played with aggression and sometimes novelity. This means their music is not copied but inspired by Morbid Angel in a very good way. Vocals are harsh growls not unsimilar to David Vincent's vocals in 'Altars of Madness', but they also have a black metallish edge. These musicians know how to handle their instruments and how to keep the music catchy all the time.  

Death Metal

Metal Archives

Voidhanger - Wrathprayers (CD, 2011)

Voidhanger - Wrathprayers (CD, 2011) - by Hamed

Voidhanger is called Black/Thrash/Death Metal band, but the band's music in this album is basically Death/Thrash metal with some blackened moments. As you may expect 'Wrathprayers' sounds a bit like Infernal War as it is side project Zykoln and Warcrimer from that band. Here, most of riffs are old school but they are played with a more or less modern approach. Blastbeats can be heard in most of the songs. Most of the music is mid-tempo and fast and thrashy riffs are dominant. This album is recommended for those who want to hear high class Death/Thrash metal with a blacky edge.

Black / Thrash / Death

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Burying Place - Burying Place (MC, 1994)

Burying Place - Burying Place (MC, 1994) - by Hamed

Lithuania's Death Metal secene in early 90s was quite strong and probably the country's most brutal band was Burying place. This demo has 6 fast and brutal death metal songs and each song comes with high degree of riff variation. Beside the instrumental parts that the band has used as intro and outro for each side of tape, there is instrumental parts between the main tracks. These parts are interesting but for someone who wants non-stop brutality, they can be boring. The main downside of this record is the lead guitar parts that are weak, comparing to the rythm guitars, and too loud in the mix. This demo definitely deserved a re-issue on CD.

Brutal Death

Deformity - Endless Atrocity (CD, 2013)

Deformity - Endless Atrocity (CD, 2013) - by Hamed

Costa Rica has been involved in Death Metal scene since early 90 with bands like Pseudostratiffied Epithelium, Colemesis and Cangrena, but there have not been many full-length Death Metal albums in that country. Deformity plays a rough and fast type of Death Metal, which is a bit reminder of Dismal Divinity and Murder. The band has a skilled drummer who uses different patterns in the right time. Vocals vary between deep growls and old school harsh growls. Those who like Death Metal with Latin/South American feeling will enjoy this record.

Death Metal
Costa Rica

vendredi 7 mars 2014

As They Burn + Karma Zero + Novelists + Worms Eat Her @ Le Ferrailleur - Nantes [FR] / 06 Mars 2014

Une bonne soirée en perspective avec ces 4 groupes deathcore et metalcore réunis au Ferrailleur, petite salle nantaise située en bord de Loire.

Après presque 2h de retour et une 1h de battement afin de pouvoir manger un bout avant les hostilités, j'arrive à 19h15 pour une ouverture prévue à 19h30. J'apprend que le début du concert est retardé d'une heure, a cause de problèmes d'ouverture de la salle.

On commence donc avec WORMS EAT HER, groupe nantais, pratiquant un modern deathcore bien brutal. Une bonne mise en bouche. Le chanteur s'époumone comme un diable, communiquant avec un public clairsemé et peu réceptif. Tâche difficile d'ouvrir un concert, et pourtant on sent que les gars ne sont pas des amateurs : c'est carré et maîtrisé, avec un son excellent malgré 2 putain de larsens bien méchant en début de set. Malheureusement le public n'est pas présent, et en 20 minutes de show il est difficile de faire des miracles. Pour ma part, je les ai trouvés vraiment excellent, et ils avaient l'air d’être heureux d'exprimer leur art ce soir. Un groupe à suivre puisqu'ils ne compte pas en rester là et distribuaient leur dernier EP à l'entrée de la salle, bonne initiative.

On enchaîne avec NOVELISTS, groupe parisien, nous balançant un metalcore mélodique planant. La scène est pleine avec les 5 gars dessus, et pourtant ils assurent un jeu de scène efficace, le chanteur se déplaçant d'un bout à l'autre dans cet espace réduit. Le chant tantôt hurlé tantôt clair du chanteur colle parfaitement aux mélodies proposées par ses camarades. Le chant claire sera à certains moments un peu défaillent (il me semble) mais n'entachera en rien le reste de la prestation. On à même droit à un nouveau morceau qui n'a pas encore de titre, chose plutôt appréciable pour les connaisseurs du groupe, et pour les autres également La communication est toutefois un peu "intimiste", le chanteur ne s'adressant pas directement au public qui commence a grossir et à se réveiller. J'ai grandement apprécié ce show de 30 minutes, bouffée d'air frais de la soirée en comparaison du reste du plateau. Un groupe à suivre également.

C'est au tour du deuxieme groupe nantais de la soirée, KARMA ZERO. Officiant dans un metalcore couillu à la CALIBAN, les chants clairs réduits au stricts minimum, ils sont attendu de pied ferme par un public désormais massé devant la scène et prêt à en découdre.Ils sont techniquement irréprochable, et ils envoient méchamment bien. La fosse se met à mosher et a jumper, à la demande d'un chanteur tout sourire et communiquant avec un parterre acquis à la cause du groupe. Le jeu de scène du groupe est toutefois un peu faible. Le son est quant à lui encore excellent, permettant d'apprécier chaque instant d'un show dantesque. Le public ne s'y trompe pas, et c'est d'ailleurs l'apothéose de la soirée pour celui-ci. Tout les Nantais de ce soir sont là pour KARMA ZERO. Après 40 minutes d'un set sans temps mort, le constat est simple : le show le plus violent de la soirée, et peut-être le plus apprécié.

Voici enfin la clou du spectacle, la tête d'affiche de la soirée, AS THEY BURN et leur deathcore virulent teinté d'ambiance hypnotiques. C'est avec un enthousiasme certain que les parisiens entament le show avec Medicine 2.0, on sent clairement qu'ils ne rigolent pas malgré le bonne humeur des gars. Et sur scène ça bouge dans tout les sens. La communication avec le public se veux efficace malgré une baisse de régime de la fosse qui c'est un peu dispersée après le show précédent. Cela n’empêche pas le groupe d'envoyer les brûlots que sont F.R.E.A.K.S. et Distorted Rules. Les morceaux s’enchaînent, et les passages plus aériens, plus ambiant permettent de calmer un peu tout le monde (bien que ce ne soit pas nécessaire), et permettent de mieux prendre en pleine gueule la complexité et la violence des structures développées par le groupe. Ils termineront leur set par Sons Of Shiva, et se retireront sous les applaudissement et en remerciant tout le monde. Un excellent show de 50 minutes concluant une excellente soirée.

Bravo à l'organisation pour cette soirée, bravo aux groupes que je vous conseille d'aller écouter et de liker sur Facebook, merci au Ferrailleur, bravo aux ingés sons et lumières, et bravo au public pour la soirée. Se fut un sacré moment, vivement la prochaine fois.

Désolé pour le manque de photos, j'avais zappé mon appareil chez moi XD.


et pour quelques photos : INSANE MOTION