mardi 11 mars 2014

Katalepsy (Decembre 2013)

With Anatoly - by Tristan 

1 - Hi Anatoly. I think there is no need to introduce Katalepsy. Since 2003, the band has released two full-length. But Musick Brings Injuries was more in a slam style than Autopsychosis that is, for me, a death album with brutal touch. 

Hi everyone! Anatoly is here! I’m the bass player of KATALEPSY.I think this is a logical EVILution when band growing up and doesn’t want to copy itself. We have recorded one slam album plus EP and that’s enough – this is boring to do this one more. Right now we’re working with new songs for the third album and they are not looking like song from AUTOPSYCHOSIS.

2 - Is the next release will be in the same style or with more slam?

It’s difficult to me to describe our songs – and old and new ones. We don’t think like “Today we’ll play some slam!” or “Let’s play heavy metal – where my sword is?” We just play what we like; this is our feelings and emotions. Yes, we are emo-guys ;-) But I can tell you only one thing, for sure – new songs are full of grooves, rhythms and aggression and you won’t be able to stay frozen while listening to it. If you like our music you won’t be disappointed.

3 - I think the tour with Iniquity is important for you. How this happened and how it's going?

Oh, man, this tour was canceled for us due some problems with UK visas. It’s very sad, because it was our dream to play in England. Organizers and we did all we could and even more, spend a lot of money, time and strength, brought tons of documents, but bureaucracy won us. Shit happens, but we don’t lose heart. Glen Benton said 15 years ago: “If you playing extreme kind of music (like death metal is) you must be ready for everything”. And so we are.

4 - What was your most important show (from Iniquity tour or another tour)?

I think MOUNTAINS OF DEATH’08 show was the most important in the history of the band. This was our first show outstand of Russia, everything was new for us. We had a good experience how to play in Russia, but we knew nothing about Europe. We are very much thankful to MOD team for the chance. We played at second (last) day at the end of the line. Both days was raining and when we has begun to play the clouds run away and everybody came out from bars and tents and began hanging over, dancing, slamming, moshing and so on! It was great – a big crowd from musicians from different bands, festival team and death metal fans were on stage and parting with us while we played! 
And of course the show on Brutal Assault this year was great experience for us. Very big stage, a lot of fans and great bands around – we just looking at all of this and couldn’t believe that we are not dreaming. This is unforgettable time for us and one of the best moments in my life!

5 - Which bands influence you and your bandmates?

This is a simple and a difficult question in the same time. We are trying not to copy any band, trying to find out our own way, when you listen to the music and say: “Hey! This sounds like KATALEPSY!” If tell not about influences but about responsibility, as for me I think about SUFFOCATION like about the icon of death metal. This band knows good and bad time, big festivals and small clubs, long tours and times of oblivion. 

6 - I don't know very well the Russian slam brutal death scene. Can you tell me more about it?

Sorry, my friend, I don’t know anything about it too! There are few good brutal death bands here, but slam bands only copied DEVOURMENT and each other. I like Visceral Disorder – these guys are really kicking ass, but they still haven’t released their debut album. 
The main problems in Russia are long distances between cities and expensive tickets for trains and airplanes. There are no metal clubs to play. There is no competition between bands, so it’s difficult to grow up, and even you play good stuff it’s difficult to find place to play and make a tour. But maybe all these things make us stronger.

7 - Are into other metal genre? Or none metal genre? And does it inspire you? 

You know, we are kind of melomaniacs and listen to absolutely different kind of heavy (and not so heavy) music and for sure you can find the influences in KATALEPSY songs. That is really interesting to mix different influences to achieve the main goal. That is why we are in death metal - most flexible and innovative genre of music in general.

8 - In Musick Brings Injuries, I had a poster showing Katalepsy around a half buried woman. Is it an after show tradition or are you into Russian mafia?

You must know the truth about this album – not only poster, even compact disk consists a part of dead woman! You know, that obvious things are hidden better, then secret places. So, we selling evidences all over the world, and nobody can catch us!
Of course all of us involve in crime – but, please, do not tell anybody about it! Or I’ll send my bear to you and he will drink nuclear vodka with you till death!

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