vendredi 28 mars 2014


With Pooeater - by Cez

1 Yo Pooeater, how ya going? tell us about what your doing with the noise'

Well at the moment Scatocalypse is going through a bit of a change. we are putting more time into writing songs so it will be better live and feel more like a real band rather than two fuck heads messing about

2 Nothing wrong with two fuck heads messing about! for those that have never heard of Scatocalypse, what have you done in the past? Any releases worth checking out?

There isn't many releases so I would say all of them haha. The two best releases are the "bunch of cunts 4 way split" and the first album "Laparoscopic Rectopexy". There will be a compilation album out hopefully some time this year that will have all 3 eps, the tracks from the split, a few of the best songs from the album and some unreleased tracks that will be going for cheap so you can check that out for a taste of all of them

3 Both of which I have! Not a bad collection really. What kind of person will enjoy your noise? If a person is reading this and trying to decide if they should go find your shit, what would you say to encourage them to go google you?

I guess the kind of people that would like it are people who are up for a laugh and have an interest in extreme music. And to encourage people to look us up I would say if you like poo, girls covered in/making some poo, noise, getting wrecked out of your face, and partying your tits off then come and have a listen to your new favorite band haha.

4 Other than yourself, what's good in your local scene? Any good Dubstep bands?

Merciless Precision and Amputated are some of the best from our local scene as far as the bigger bands go but there are a few smaller bands that are pretty good. I'm gunna have to go with Bum Sick being the best and of a close style to Scatocalypse and also Bumilingus. As far as dubsteb I'm not aware of any bands or artists around the south west. Shame.

5 What do you make of the UK scene at the moment?

To be honest I haven't paid much attention to where bands are from recently. All I've been looking for is ridiculous blast beats and stupid massive slams haha. There always seems to be at least a few decent bands floating about.

6 Your sound is like noise / cyber, not many projects like that coming out of the UK compared to some places, like say Mexico. What's up with that?

I think the UK is pretty shit so I'm not very surprise they don't want to make music that's not gunna make them rich and famous.

7 Since your pulling together a proper band, are you going to go in a more 'metal' direction?

Well we are gunna put lots of slams into the new stuff but its still gunna be mad and have the programed drums and samples in it. Scatocalypse has always had some very metal drum patterns so I don't think the overall sound will change much its just gunna be easy to play live.

8 Lets play snog / marry / avoid. Your choices are Fritzel, Vanessa Feltz, and the cast of Made in Chelsea
Snog Vanessa Feltz because she looks like she would taste of gravy. Marry Fritzel because I wouldn't mind being a kept woman. Avoid the cast of Made in Chelsea because I still possess the ability to see and hear.


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