jeudi 7 août 2014


1 - Hello Sandro, how are you? Present us ShitFuckingShit please. 

Sandro: Hi there, everything's ok here. ShitFuckingShit is born in 2006 as one man band with me (Sandro the drummer) playing any kind of instrument to make some noise with a drum machine. After having made different splits with bands from all over the world, in 2010 i found Tanga on guitar. We recorded one album “Eat My Shit And Die” and an EP called “Fat Ugly Bastards”. In 2011 and 2012 we played tons of gigs in and outside of Italy, changing bass player several times. After that we recruited Peter on guitar and Claudio on bass. With the formation of 4, we recorded in 2014 “Life Of Excess” which is still unreleased, we're still looking for some labels. Unfortunately Tanga left the band, now we're in 3. The latest recordings are for the split 7” with Kadaverficker.

2 - You have released 3 efforts this year, and you planed to reprint 2 of your old records, can you talk more about and tell us why so much things ? 

S: we planned to release so much things because we have tons of material unreleased, from live recordings to rehersal etc. When we are in studio we usually record different sets with different songs, so later we realise that we're too much creative ahahah. We will reprint “Eat My Shit And Die” and “Fat Ugly Bastards” because we're going on tour in UK and they asked for them.

3 - You are a 2 man grindcore band, do you have some live members to play your shows ? 

S: Yes, we usually are a duo but latest our friend called Claudio joined the band as stable bass player. 

4 – I know you have some tours planed in UK and in Europe. Tell us more about it, and did you planed to play in France or elsewhere ? 

S: we have a little tour in UK in October, four gigs all around the isle. 9/10 – The Unicorn, London / 10/10 – The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh / 11/10 – Blastonbury / 12/10 – Stuck On A Name Studio, Nottingham. In february we're planning to tour The Netherlands and Germany. We have some contacts in France and for sure we will do some gigs there in the near future.

5 – What is your subjects in the lyrics ? I must think it's about violence, gore and stuff like that, or do you have more serious subjects ? 

S: We usually talk about real things happening all around us, sometimes with gorish black humour. But we prefer to stay in touch with reality as much as possible. Some songs don't have lyrics because it's just vomiting shit we feel. Others are very important to us: they have the most extreme lyrics.

6 – What is the next step in SxFxSx adventure ? 

S: Tons of thing, i mut say: a compilation tape with SFS history, from 2006 until now, a split cd with chinese freaks Cave Have Rod, split 7” with Extreme Smoke 57, split 7” coloured with Dysmorfic and another one with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium. Plus tons of gigs. 

7 – Thank you for your time, a last word for our readers.

S: Thank you for your time and for the interview. Support the underground and stay rot, you will be for sure more useful once six feet under.


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