lundi 17 mars 2014

Osiah (Decembre 2013)

With Ricky - By Tristan

1-Hi Ricky, present us Osiah, your one man deathcore band.

Osiah is pretty much heavily inspired by memories of when I first witnessed deathcore, and from when I first started performing in the local scene, Osiah is old school deathcore, in the way I remember it, with a modern twist.

2-Why did you choose on being solo in this project ? 

A solo project was not my intentions at the beginning, Osiah was formed as a live band, however, with other band commitments, Osiah unfortunately had to be put on hold, fan response was the reason it continued as a solo project, people wanted more music, so I kept at it. 

3-How do you choose your live members ?

I've been in plenty of bands in the past, and I know the guys that can pull of the music  I write and the guys I can trust, its easy. The hardest part has always been able to find a drummer who can play the music I write.

4-Have you already played outside the UK ?

Not at the moment, but I have huge ambitions to. I especially want to play Australia!

5-What are the bands that influence you, and in a general way, the metal styles that you prefer ? 

Whitechapel, Suicide Silence and The Partisan Turbine were my favorite heavy bands, they still are huge influences in my song writing today. In terms of metal, I'm very varied, I love simple heavy stuff like Emmure or old Chelsea Grin but at the same time, I love tech and 'djent,'in Osiah compositions I try to strike a balance between both heavy and interesting.

6-If you had the opportunity, with which band or artist do you want to collaborate ?

Big Chocolate, man, his vocals, I'd love to write some horrible slam and have him throw his insane gutturals on it.

7-Reborn Through Hate is available for free via your Facebook page. Do you plan to write another EP or a full length in the future?

I'm already in the recording stages of a new EP, or if enough material is recorded, perhaps a debut album. I'm constantly writing, so expect new music soon.

8-A last word to our readers ? 

I want to make a point to say thank you to the fans/friends of Osiah, they are so passionate and I've had some incredible support over the year from the most unlikely of places, so thank you. Huge things are planned, so I hope not to disappoint, see you guys on the road!

United Kingdom


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