lundi 17 mars 2014

Mutilated Judge (Decembre 2013)

By Tristan

1-Hi guys, Mutilated Judge is a brand new grindcore project, described by yourself as a bassgrind band. Present us the concept of it, and the band members.

Babyrapist and I, Gutscooker, started with the Project last summer. We both play in other local bands, but we wanted to make something more aggressive. We love death metal, grindcore and crust, so we took our basses and started recording catharsis, the first song we made, in his studio. The basses sounded really brutal, and I made the vocals, but we didn’t work so much in the electronic drums, so soon after we asked Crippedjudge to record drums in the next songs. His fast style goes good with the raw sound of two low tuned basses, and we are happy with the result, it’s as dirty and intense as we wanted. We like to call it bassgrind, simple and clear.

2-So it's a brand new band ! Do you have enough stuff to play live, or will you prepare soon something therefore to play show and doing a demo or more ? 

We are working in new material for our first demo, and then we will look for concerts. Mutilated Judge will sound much more brutal live!!

3-How do you get the idea of playing with two basses ? 

It was just by chance, we tried using another bass instead of a guitar and we liked the sound

4 - What are your roots in the grindcore scene and your influences ?

We've been influenciated by death, thrash, black or even doom metal. But in grindcore we like bands like Spasm, Rompeprop, Agathocles, Haemorrage, Putrid Pile... And there are lots of young bands doing it fucking great!!

5- What are the mains subject in your songs ?  

Oh, I'd say it's quiet varied. Rain of Death is about Hiroshima, and N.P.A.D. is just a grindcore song haha! We have more lyrics for the next songs and there's not a main subject, we try to tell 
something and to write it in a brutal way... or not. Anyway we like to work on good lyrics, we think they're basic for making a good song.

6-Do you get other projects apart Mutilated Judge ? 

Yes, we play in other bands, but we prefer not to talk about them.

7- Do you know the french grindcore scene ?

We know some bands like Inhumate, Ultra Vomit or Red Dead. We saw those in August with the russian band Fargon, an awesome concert!

8-The last : Would you like to do grindcore with yukulele instead of double bass ?

Yeaaaahh hahaha it would be like... in your fucking face!!! I love the idea man haha.
So thank you for the interview and for supporting bands like us, it's been a pleasure! Bassgrind motherfuckers!


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