samedi 8 mars 2014

Amongst The Deceit

With Johann - by Tristan 

1- I discovered Amongst The Deceit by buying your album, Tribulations Of Man, by chance. It was a good dicovery. Johann, you play guitar in the band, can you present us the band and the other members. 

The Austrian Death Metal Entity AMONGST THE DECEIT was formed in Salzburg/Austria in 2008. The two founding members and guitarists Steve and me originated from bands with quite different styles.
Shortly after writing some material, Martyn (Bass) and Thorn (Vocals) joined the band. Soon it was clear that the music had to be a mixture of all kinds of extreme metal played with the utmost care and passion, a combination of sick blast beats and double bass madness, devastating death/black riffs, technical abilty and melodic solos.
Things seemed to go well except the not yet occupied position behind the drum kit. After a hard and unsuccessful search for a blast machine the band decided to write their material first before engaging a pro drummer for the job. As it would later turn out it had been the right decision.
With Tom „Sic“ Urbanek behind the kit the band was ready to enter the "" studios in Oberalm, Austria to finally record their debut album called "Tribulations of Man“.

2-You say you come from bands of different styles but does it influence Amongst The Deceit ? And so what are the influences in the band ? 

It influenced us when we were starting up with the Band. The influences we take are everywhere in nowadays live! Just watch all that sikk stuff happening around us!

3-Tribulations Of Man was released by Show No Mercy Records in 2011. How the collaboration is going ? Do you have new material for now ? Do you have planned a new release soon ? 

It worked out well With Sho No Mercy Records for us.Right now we are working on new Song´s, and presumably we will hit the Mischmaschine Studio´s next summer, to release our next eargasmic blastpemmies!! 

4- Nice ! By taking time to write songs, it will be great in my opinion. What do you think about the international metal scene, mainstream and underground ? And what do you think about the bands that release an album every years or so ? Creativity or money ? 

Hell yeah! it´s about time! We get a lot of positive feedback from around the world! So i guess it´s connected pretty well .If band´s are able to release every fukking year a album , they should do so. We´d rather be waiting and trying to get the most out of our musick, and that takes its time! And of course money is a big factor! Just take a look at the recording fees and all the promotional stuff you have to take care about when recording and releasing an album! 10 000 € is nothing!! And as an underground Band, you won´t be able to get back the money you´ve spent! Even the "Big" Band´s have a hard time to cover their expenses!- Just take a look at Aeon, where the Guitarist left the band,- because he can´t afford it any more! And they are huge ! So what i guess is, that no one is doing it for the money! fuckk that! We do it for us und you crazy Basterds out there! Enjoy our musick and live the Brutal Way!!! 

5 - It's a business world for sure. To focus on creativity, what can we expect about the next album ? 

The next album is going to blast Tribulations of Man , - AWAY!!!!It is going to be faster, more brutal, a shit load of solos blast´s and even more unhuman Grunt´s from Thorn!!!We also plan to make a Video! 

6 - So It will be huge ! Something planned to promot it additional to the video ? A tour in Austria or Europe ? 

Butt of fukking Cursed!!! Yep, there are a few parameterisations planed this spring/ summer. Then to hit the studio and get the recording´s done!!! We´ll see what else is cumming,- so if anyone is interrested in booking us, don´t hesitate to hit us up!!!

7- Austrian bands to support by now ? The best you see growing ?

- Our Survival depends on us ( 
- Obscure Anachronism ( 
- Harakiri for the sky ( 
- Progeria Buffet ( 
- Outrage ( 
- Supercharged After Burner ( 
- Extremly violent shitbudhas ( 
- Ghouls come knockin ( 

8 - The last question : would you like to do a cover album with death classic songs played exclusively with banjo ? 


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